Personal Introductions

March 30, 2018

Hi I’m John

Eventhough this will probably be a mostly technical blog, let me introduce myself.

I’ve lived mostly in central Texas, as far north as Waco, as far south as San Marcos. I have been enormously blessed with loving family and friends, with enough to eat and no traumatic experiences that made life into a battle. Gratitude and Love guide me.

My other guides are Wonder and Curiosity. I’ve always relished a challenging problem. The one that I’ve been gnawing on the most in my lifetime is how to save the world.

That problem and my perspective on it have changed a lot over the years, but currently I tend to think my beliefs are pretty simple to understand and my course of action, thank all the gods, is likewise fairly straightforward.

My curiosity and my formal education have intersected on most basic mathematics, classical physics, and foreign language learning. Computer science and programming always seemed a far off dimension, unapproachable in its complexity, magical in its possibilities.

Within the past year, I must have planted the seeds with a google search or two, because my feed was inundated with offers to code my butt off for three weeks or nine weeks and learn front-end or back-end or data-this or cloud-that. I couldn’t afford the tuition, and every new definition or term or whatever seemed to open onto yet new lists of things to learn.

I’ve always been an autodidact, but I have also tended towards learning things at a fundamental level, or foundationally. I read the game manuals as my brother took the first turn, practiced dancing alone for over a year before feeling like I could dance around other people.

This is a dangerous approach to maintain when picking up programming as a marketable skill. There’s a lot of ground to cover, to get you up and running and productive (and this agility in your work and learning is a hot thing in the web development scene). The journey becomes even longer if you are trying to learn everything.

This blog is to be my little iterator, a window into what I’m building. I’m starting with this blog, and a Heroscape Army Picker built on create-react-app. I’ll be using mostly HTML/CSS/JavaScript, no suprise, but I’m definitely into React and Gatsby as my big tools. An eye for design and organization must inevitably follow, and I hope to hone this ability in time.

Some shout outs. Skillcrush is a coding school, with mad positivity and optimism baked into every blog post and email update. The free material offered by this company gave me so many boosts of confidence and good information, I can only imagine how useful their classes would be for someone just starting. For me, I prefer a succinct, intuitive, and efficiency-minded code-along instructor. Wes Bos has been my teacher of choice and offers so many free classes that are super informative. I bought the React course and made my first create-react-app, and I’m barely able to sleep thinking about all the cool things you could build.

I’ve been at this coding/web development thing a few months now, this blog should be a ton of fun.

Anywho, bon courage! (to you and me both)

John Moen

Written by John Moen, a web developer in Austin, Texas.