About Me

My name is John, I am mostly curious and thankful.

I am still a fairly new developer. In January 2018 is when I decided I was going to learn how to code and get a developer job or build a freelance business. It's been a lot of work since then, but the joy of building has made it all worth it. The work is rewarding and fun, and as I grow I know that I am going to make useful things that really help folks.

My immediate objective with computer science is to gain mastery over web technologies, so that I can create elegant and useful applications for people.

But what to build for them?

Well, it is my primary goal to divert humanity/civilization from its current course, which I personally estimate to lead to a very painful future. The course I'd rather us follow involves empowering the common individual to control their destiny, as opposed to relying on central authorities that are so easily corrupted.

The advent of blockchain technology and decentralized applications holds great promise for this objective: empower the common people, and decentralize our power/government/economic structures. I am on a mission to master my craft, and lend my acquired skills toward projects and software that will support the more transparent and equitable society of the future.

There's a lot of work to do, and it makes my life so easy lucky and free to know my place in the struggle.